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Sunday, May 3, 2015

TRENDING: BFF’s for life, this is crazy!

BFF's share drinks!I know everyone have a Bestfriend/BFF, or even used to have one. Well, life’s better when you have someone you can rely on during the darkest part of your life. Our BFF’s are there whenever we need them, we tell them things that we don’t tell our parents or relatives especially our siblings unless they are your bestfriend and that’s really lucky for you.

Unfortunately, some doesn’t have siblings like most of us do that’s why they turn to their BFF’s whatever circumstance call for it. Helping you talk to someone you like is a BFF’s job. Some people’s friendship go to an extent that’s more than what their relationship with their siblings can go to like sharing clothes, food, drink, and some even share their bubble gum.

Watch the video below and see what crazy things BFF’s do.

Leave a comment below on what thing’s you and your BFF usually share!

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