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Saturday, May 16, 2015

TRENDING: A Beautiful song cover made by a Filipina despite her physical impairment!

We know Filipino’s are a very talented race, yes we are talented and known worldwide not just because of our hospitality, our passion for everything we do, our never give up attitude towards life but also our very unique set of talents. One proof for this was the recently crowned Grand Winner for the very first ever Asia’s Got Talent competition.

El Gamma Penumbra took the crown with ease from 8 other finalists, and another Filipina was among the Top 3 which David Foster took a fancy of, maybe he even gave him a secret offer for a career. Now, there’s another Filipina who is currently going viral on Facebook after a video of her singing “Maybe this Time” has spread like wildfire on the social media site.

Despite her physical impairment, having a cleft palate/lip. She gracefully sings the song as she makes her own cover. She even has a very beautiful voice which really blended great with the song. Even her guitar skills shows promising talent. Many people admires her for expressing herself and her confidence. Though some people still say some harsh things to her she still continues to be humble and thankful. Her name is Mikee Cate.

Grabe! Ganda ng Boses niya! <3 Galing!Please [SHARE]
Posted by Pinoy Viral Videos on Friday, May 15, 2015

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