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Friday, May 15, 2015

TRENDING: Amazing guy makes a portable house for the homeless!!

Man gives a tiny house to a homeless!The times today are so hard that a lot of people tend to get homeless or broke. Unemployment and poverty is so high in a lot of country worldwide. Even developed countries like the U.S. have homeless people who are often ignored due to rapid development of cities and their fast-paced lifestyle.

Still, some people notice this and do what they can to help and reach out to those in need. Humanity still has hope for we can still change a lot of the things that we do wrong, all we have to do is unite and reach out in whatever way we can to improve other’s lives because happiness can only be achieved if people around you are also happy and contented.

A man in California saw a woman sleeping in the dirt in front of his house, and what he did will amaze and inspire you to help. For this guy made the old woman a portable house that she can pull anywhere so she will be secured from that harsh environment and other people who aren’t so kind. The small house even has a small window and a door with a pair of lock so she will really feel at ease sleeping inside.

Watch the process of how the guy made the house up to the moment he gave it to its deserving and rightful owner and you can also help him by donating and going to his Facebook page at “Welcome Home: A Tiny House, Huge purpose.

A man saw a woman sleeping in the dirt outside his house...so he built her a place to live <3 See Welcome Home: A Tiny House, Huge Purpose. for moreFind your Perfect Prize Candle Match by taking this fun quiz: https://goo.gl/6sJOJN :)
Posted by Prize Candle on Thursday, April 30, 2015

What have you done lately to help other people in need? Let us know on the comments section below!

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