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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Landscape Gardener Survived After Nail Accidentally Wedge On His Eyes

While working, we were always told to wear a protective gear to avoid harmful things and accidents. Gears like goggles ,vest ,helmet ,gloves , mask and other Safety Personal Protective Equipment.
This article will teach you something about Safety Precautions.

A 27 year-old landscape gardener accidentally wedge a nail on his eyes and learned a valuable lesson that we must wear our protective gears before working no matter how big or small our job is in a potentially dangerous environment. He was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with a nail on his eye socket.

The report said that a three inch nail got into his eye socket when a man using a weed whacker accidentally hit a nail that bounced back right into his face.The victim was rushed into the hospital and immediately examine his condition.Doctors gave him a scan to get the detailed images of his injuries that we all know that this will scar him for life.

The scan showed a miraculous result that the nail did not penetrate exactly on his eyes.Medics said that the nail missed his brain by a millimeter which could cause a major damage to him.

After Eight weeks of recovery, The lucky man's eye-sight returned to normal.

Source: Wereblog

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