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Sunday, May 10, 2015


We all know JAMICH have gone through ups and downs. we've seen them from the bottom them rising to the top. But all of us was devastated after Jam Sebastian , the other half of JAMICH passed away because of Lung Cancer and his other half Mich Liggayu gathered rumors all over the internet and social media.

But first,let's take a look on how this two became as one. This video entitled "By Chance" is a proof that they've had almost all of those recipes for a perfect relationship. Started from a simple dance choreography that bond them together and gave them a smile that they never knew that will be the start of a good relationship. Got sweeter as time goes by and officially in a relationship with each other on a very unforgettable date specially for them on May 10, 2008.

They've had those gaps filled with love. But all relationships has to face some problems together and that made their relationship even stronger.

But after Jam's Death, Mich's world crashed and teared her apart.Then rumors came from left to right
that she now has a new Boyfriend which is not true and even Jam's Mother gets mad at her for something that she didn't do,which I think because of those false accusations that is lurking all over the internet until now. She's still in a Mourning process which is usual to anybody that has a relative or loved ones who passed away.

May 10 2015, It is the 7th Anniversary of JAMICH and they should have been together celebrating it.Mich Liggayu visited the grave of her partner that day and it was a very solemn moment.

See the photos below:

Jamich 7th year anniversary.
Posted by Jamich on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Even though Jam is now in the arms of God, Mich is still longing for his warm embraces and soft kisses. I should know cause I was there hiding behind those beautiful clouds.

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