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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Girl Refused To Give Her Number,But She Was Devastated Moments After This Guy Came Back !

Every woman has their own perspectives towards man. Some wants their ideal man to be tall and good looking. Some only wants them to be sweet and always there when they needed someone to rely on.But are those things mentioned really the only thing that they want to a guy?

They say they don't want your car or money, You don't have to be famous to get their attention
or is this another kind of an opposite thinking of a woman that we all knew that they've had?

What I'm about to show you is a situation which we could determine that not all the factors mentioned from the introduction of this article are not the only things that they've wanted to a man, or should we say some girls are Gold and Fame Diggers?

This is a Social Experiment made and published by a famous YouTube Channel of Coby Persin. The video shows how this girl refuses to give her number to a guy who approached her while she was reading a book and studying. She said that she already has a boyfriend and will not gonna like it if she gave her number to him. The Guy walk slowly away from the girl feeling disappointed because of the rejection that he had from the girl.

Moments after, A Luxurious Car with a Body Guard stopped in front of her. You could even see that there are people who's taking pictures and waiting for someone to get an autograph. She gets a little closer because of her curiosity. Then a guy came down of his car wearing a nice suit and shades with a very nice hairstyle (which I think a famous celebrity or something). She approached the guy and asked him to have a Selfie with her. The guy agrees and asked her if she wanted to go back to his hotel room after what he's doing. She excitedly says Yes and gave her number to this Famous Guy. Then the guy said that he was the one whom she rejected moments before this event happens. The guy left this girl devastated and shocked after the revelation.

What are your thoughts about this video? are you convinced that there are girls that really wanted guys to be famous and wealthy to have their attention?

What about this Social Experiment? 
Is it really necessary to humiliate a girl in front of too many people?

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