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Friday, May 8, 2015


One of the most famous myths and legends are the Mermaids, they have been discussed for many years or centuries until now. Mermaid is a Mythical creature that is half human and half fish.The question is, What if you spotted one while you are in a vacation? what are you going to do?

According to researchers , The earliest known mermaid legends came from Syria Around 1000 BC.
Where the Syrian goddess Atargatis dived into a lake to take a form of a fish.But the power on that lake could not let her to give up her great beauty, that is why only her lower part her body became a fish and kept her upper part as a Human. Mermaids became very famous because they have been depicted on Operas, Books , comics , paintings and films.

But is this footage of a Mermaid seen swimming on London Beach of General Santos City, Philippines a proof that mermaid really does exist? After this video was uploaded by Jovelyn Balinas on her Facebook account last April 28, It gone viral all over the internet because we could all see how it moves and even seen it's fish tail that mermaids has in movies and films. You should watch this for yourself and be amazed.

The ocean covers 71 percent of the earth's surface and contains 97 percent of the planet's water, But more than 95 percent of the underwater remains unexplored.

#OMG isang sirena sa london beach.tignan ninyo.( sorry po na dlte k ) 3. M n sna ng tingen
Posted by Jovelyn Balinas on Friday, May 8, 2015

Is this creature is a part of our undiscovered underwater here on our planet?
what are your thoughts about this video? it is free to share it here on our site!

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Facebook Comments by Today In Manila


  1. kita nman na dugong yan.......
    ....sarili nyu ginaluko nyu

  2. Replies

  3. Napanood ko nah..I am a marine biologist....sea cow yan...Tagalog nang dugong.di namn poh yan kulay orange.... We have a sea cow watch tower here in malita occidental...they like to show up every 10 am to 11:30 am..and show up again 2pm to 3:30....myroon kami taga record kng anong oras lalabas at ilang beses....Tnx po.

  4. wew bat gnun ang mga comment kung hndi sasabihn GAGO, sasabihin BOBO. tsk2, prang ang babastos porket hndi kyo kilala napakadali lng magmura?

  5. hnd naman yan mermaid.. kac kung mermaid ,bat ung kalahati nun ay hnd namn half human.. its just like a head of fish... coz if its a mermaid it should had a half body of human and fish...hmmmp.. ska kung sea cow yan .. bat color orange...

  6. kung sirena yan e di sana pinagmumura na kayo nyan kc mga bobo daw kayo

  7. Fuck mga ovovovovovo isnag uri yan ng isda na tinatawag na carp fish. kita nman sa hugis ng katawan eh palikpik palang nyu at buntot. tss
    nagaaway pa kayu !

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