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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Breaking News: "3 people died and 63 more are still Missing on a Burning Slipper Factory in Valenzuela"

Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian announces that there are no more survivors in the building Based on a Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) report.

MANILA,Philippines - According to a news website RAPPLER, At least 3 people were killed when a fire destroyed a slipper factory in Valenzuela City on Wednesday, May 13, a death toll that authorities fear may go up as 63 workers remain unaccounted for.

The families and relatives of 63 missing workers gathered outside the factory in Barangay Ugong Valenzuela.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian delivered a serious and emotional statement about this unpleasant news that If there is still a chance that there are survivors and they escaped and went elsewhere, or went to the homes of your relatives, please call them. There's a chance that they went somewhere else. Please do it now. He talked to the BFP.The families breakdown with tears.

There are 39 survivors. One of the casualties was a relative of the factory owners, Gatchalian said in an interview on radio station dzMM.
The official death toll would be announced once authorities recover all the bodies inside the building, mostly at the second floor where the assembly area was located.

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