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Monday, April 20, 2015

WATCH: Want to know people’s passwords? Here’s how to!

Keep your passwords safe at all times!Do you want to know what your best friend’s Facebook password is? Or even your Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Well, there are ways to do that, some just hires a hacker friend, or beat it out of them while some secretly looks at their phones/computer when they’re about to enter their passwords.

Some even buys apps and software’s that have a key logger with it, it saves every username and passwords entered on a device. But some, just asks nicely in a systematic way so the person they’re asking doesn’t realize they’re actually giving out their password to a friend or a stranger.

Watch the video below on how amazing a woman asks random people what they’re passwords are without making them realize that they’re actually giving it out on public television. Be careful with your passwords, because one mistake can actually result to a huge problem in the future!
Try this out and maybe you’ll be able to trick some of your buddies into giving you there passwords! Let us know on the comments section below on what other ways do you think you can get other people’s passwords!

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  1. Hahahaha nganga!!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a cheap trick, and I wonder why those people are tricked with those kind of conversations I'm doubting the video was just somehow scripted. Give your password so that they can tell if it is strong? Wow usually when you sign-up or create an account over the internet most of the websites already has a password meter telling you how strong it is, and they even give you an advise on how to compose a strong password. Don't be tricked guys this just some simple Social engineering. Always keep your password confidential. Talking about the use of keyloggers, phising, malwares etc, that may require some good knowledge about how to stay safe and secure over the internet, but one simple tip is just to keep your antivirus updated.

  4. I have key logger but i dont hack. Because its on my own computer


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