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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Is it true that there are some of the unseen entities which can hurt human beings? Watch this viral video of how a ghost can cause and accident and is seen by many people!

As been stated in the caption of the said video, “This video shows brutal ghost attack on bike riders. Camera installed on one building captured this ghost activity. Although. Video does shows full footage it shows footage with time intervals. Camera shows how ghost attacks on bikers and they falls down. Students on bike hold them self and try to get off the road. What you say about ghost attack, please share with us.”

There are different discourses regarding how can ghost hurt the living?

As been stated by T. Cooney, “I have often been asked whether ghosts are capable of hurting the living. On the face of it, it is a simple enough question. However, like everything in this world of ours, it carries with it some gray area. If I had to give a simple answer, I would have to say that ghosts really cannot hurt the living. However, it is an issue that must be looked at a little deeper.
The first bit of gray area involves what you mean by “hurt.” Certainly ghosts can have a terrible mental affect on someone. Living in fear is unhealthy, plain and simple. If there is a ghost operating in a house, even one that means no harm, it can cause all kinds of mental strain. Frightened people do not sleep well. They become extremely nervous and often their diets suffer as well. All of this creates problems with the jobs or schooling and that adds to the pressure they are under.”

Lastly, he stated that by today more than ever, people like to go ghost hunting. They will take ghost tours, stay in hotels that are reported to be haunted or they will go to famous locations. I am often asked whether this is dangerous. The answer is no. I have never heard of anyone being hurt by going to a reportedly haunting location for the sake of adventure. I will say that if you go looking for ghosts, you will probably find them since they are all around us. When you do find them, there really is nothing to fear.

Well, try comparing the video and what this paranormal expert has said. Share your thoughts with us by commenting on the link below!

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  1. Actually the ghost was trying to save them.. kasi kung hindi sila hinila ng ghost, total collision talga ang mangyayari sa kanila at dun sa kasalubong niyang isang motorcycle!.. Nice one ghost!

    1. tama!!!it was a ghost or angel that saved their lives in a supposed to be fatal accident!!!!God sent that angel!!!!

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