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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Most of the people are still having lots of problem when it comes to their appearances and looks when going out and when facing other people. Now, watch the video of this very inspiring story of the girl who is born without nose and eyes. This will definitely change your perspective in life and understand how lucky you are.

As been stated by ABC News, “Born with no eyes and no nose, Cassidy Hooper, 17, of Charlotte, NC, will have an operation that will graft bone or cartilage from another part of her body before stretching skin over the area to create a nose. The final surgery is scheduled for Sept 18.”

The high school senior has already gone through two other surgeries this summer that prepared her for the final step, after which she will finally have a nose.

Ms Hooper said that she is excited that she will soon be able to breathe and smell through her nose.
“I'll have a real nose like everyone else's,” the brave girl said.
Her father couldn't be happier. It's been a long process, but the day has finally come,' her father, J. Aaron Cassidy, 48, told ABC. 'Cassidy is certainly excited for this day to be here.'

Telling WBTV that the surgery has left her in some pain, a bandage-covered Cassidy said that she was looking forward to her years of surgery coming to an end. “I was actually thinking of what the reaction of everyone would be when that last surgery finished,” she said. “And I think everyone's going to be so excited.”

The young role model and her family spoke to a local television station earlier this summer.
This is totally inspiring. She has definitely more courage than anyone of us because in despite of what she has experienced in life. If you want to know what had happened to her now, watch the second video.

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