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Monday, April 6, 2015


Each and every one of us is fascinated in photography. It is incredible, the ability to visually capture a single moment so you could look back on it forever if we take good care of it. But what if the photos you have taken is the last thing you will ever see the one you have captured with?

Watch this viral video hosted by Rob Dyke of the Top Ten Photos that have taken right before death. This is a proof that photos never lies and some of the memories are best kept in the darkest recesses of your mind.

10. The Dutch Technicians – This photo was taken showing the two technicians embracing one another after the turbine caught on fire.One of the technicians jump off the edge to avoid burning alive while the other take his chances getting back down through the inside.His body was found trapped and burned.

9. Joseph Avery – This photo of a man named Joseph Avery was taken in 1853.Joseph and two others have been boating on the river of Niagara Falls when it quickly over came them. The two other men were torn away by the rushing waters and sent over the falls to their deaths. Joseph was fortunate to grab on to a log that have been lodge between two rocks. He remain there while locals gathered unable to assist Joseph despite a number of attempts. He remain on that log for 18 hours, Witnesses recall that Joseph releases one final cry before he went over the falls and died.

8. Pavel Kashin – This photo was taken when he was making his final stunt ever.He executed a back flip while merely edged of a 16 Story building. Unfortunately he lost his balance on a landing and fell right over the edge and plummeted to his death.

7. R. Budd Dwyer – This photo was taken during a television broadcast the day before Dwyer sent to be sentence. He pulled out a hidden revolver and and attempted to keep people away so that they couldn't disarm him.Confusion erupted  in the room and Dwyer placed the barrel of the gun into his mouth and fired upwards through his brain. Dwyer was captured on live television during a press conference that he himself called for.

6. James Bulger – This is a photo of James Bulger , a two year old boy holding a hand of a 10 year old boy in a Shopping Centre in England. The image itself seems as it is only a photo of two boys holding together hand in hand. However, the boy leading him is in associate of another 10 year old boy. Both of the boys not only abducted James but tortured and killed him.

5. Car Bombing – This photo was taken of a man and a young girl that is his daughter in front of a popular shopping area. The red car beside them was a stolen vehicle. Things begin to take a turn for the worst. The car was loaded with a Fertilizer Based Explosive and was detonated moments after the photo was captured. Over 300 people injured with a blast and 29 were killed. The man and the young girl is fortunately survived the explosion but the photographer died.

4. Carl Williams – This photo was taken of a fellow inmate approaching Carl in behind when he was reading a news paper. His life was brought to an end when the inmate with the help of a part of an exercise bike beat him to death immediately after this photo was taken.

3. Reynaldo Dagsa –  He is a Filipino politician which unfortunately killed on exactly new year's day. This photo was taken by Reynaldo, He has his family assembled to have a nice family photo. But within the same moment he snapped the picture, he also caught his own death in the image. His assassin can be seen on the side aiming the gun directly at Reynaldo. The Assassin shot him in the head immediately after this photo was taken.

2. Omayra Sanchez – She was a victim of a severe volcanic eruption in Columbia. This photo was taken Just before the girl Died in an injury. Those around her kept her comfortable for 3 days. She remain generally positive the entire time. Before her death, her eyes turned into black , her hands turned white and her face swelled that can all be seen in the photo.

1. Regina Kay Walters – This photo captured Regina's last moment of life. He forced her to wear a black dress and heels, cut off her hair and have her pose in photos. the fear in despair quite appearing on her face. Mere seconds after this photo was captured, the killer behind this camera slaughtered her mercilessly ending the life of Regina at the age of 14.

Photography is very important for us specially to a crime and disasters like this.The world can be ruthlessly a cruel place.We do not know whether it is our time or not. Photos and Selfies could capture a moment that could be our last, and let's all hope that it is not.

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