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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WATCH: This Foreignoy group is better at being Filipino!

Hey Joe Show!!!
Recently Foreignoys or Foreigners with a love for the Philippines and Filipinos have been getting famous due to one of Eat Bulaga’s segment which is “You’re My Foreignoy”. Foreigners are very common to our country as Philippines is actually one of the most popular vacation spot during the summer season on South East Asia.

One of our islands was recently named as world’s most beautiful island and it’s actually Palawan which can be found south of the Philippines. People around the world go here due to several different reasons, some for business, work, tourism, retirement and even missionary trips. Well a group of LSD missionaries are getting famous due to their love of our country.

They have their own show called the “Hey Joe Show” and the group consists of Summer, Connor, Tylan, Davis, and Jake. They showcase their talents about our culture and language on their page online. They’re really fun to watch as you will surely say to yourself “hanep! mas pinoy pa sila sa akin”. One of their video below showcase "Signs that you are a Filipino" which definitely shouts that you are a Filipino making you feel proud of being a Filipino, and will make you proud of this guys who loves and respect our mother land.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think about the group! Click the link above to go to their page and subscribe! They're also on Facebook!

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