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Friday, April 17, 2015


Miracles do happen to those who believe in it. This is definitely not just an ordinary story of miracles that we can see in some TV shows or movies. Watch this viral story of a girl who can make miracles happen!

It is said that Audrey Santo has been in a coma since she was three years old, back in 1987. Since then, she has undergone stigmata manifestations, and religious statues in her room even cry with blood and tears. Thousands of people visit her every year, all hoping for a miracle cure.

Audrey Marie Santo is was an ordinary girl, until at the age of 3 she fell into the swimming pool and drowned. At the hospital she regained her breath, but fell in a coma. Her parents brought her to Medjugorje where appearances of the Virgin Mary were sighted, hoping for a miracle. The Virgin Mary had a message for Audrey, and since then Audrey performed miracle healings to many people that visited her.

But what is the Roman Catholic Church's position regarding this issue?

In 1999, the Bishop of Worcester at the time, Daniel P. Reilly, released his preliminary findings on the case. In that report, the Bishop said that "The most striking evidence of the presence of God in the Santo home is seen in the dedication of the family to Audrey."

As for the purported miracles, he said "I want to underscore that any paranormal occurrences are not miraculous in and of themselves".

He also stated in regard to the claim that Audrey is a "Victim Soul", "We must proceed quite cautiously here, since this term is not commonly used by the Church except for Christ himself who became the victim for our sins and transgressions on the cross." The report further states that "The term "victim soul" is not an official term in the Church. It was used in some circles in the 18th and 19th century when there was a fascination with suffering and death."

And with regard to the many pilgrims who were praying to Audrey while she was still alive, he said "praying to Audrey is not acceptable in Catholic teaching." Further, it was stated that "One should only pray for Audrey. Our faith teaches us to pray to God and to pray for the intercession of the saints. Therefore, the distribution of a "Prayer to Audrey" should cease immediately."

Lastly, Audrey Santo died from cardio-respiratory failure on April 14, 2007 in her home. Family, friends, and clergy were at her side. The vigil was held April 17, 2007 and the funeral mass on April 18, 2007, both at St. Paul's Cathedral in Worcester, Massachusetts. The public was allowed to attend these two events, but the burial was private.

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