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Sunday, April 5, 2015


When it comes to farm animal intelligences, cows can be a great topic to begin with! According to some researches, Cows interact with one another in socially complex ways, developing friendships, forming social hierarchies and even holding grudges. They are so-called smart and social cows.

Social cows: They might be not the brightest animals in the ceiling but in their defense, cows interact with one another in socially complex ways. They develop friendships, form social hierarchies, and can hold grudges against other cows. A dairy cow in a herd of a hundred knows exactly where her place is in line at the milking parlor, and range cattle never forget where the best grazing can be found.  And if feeding time is 5 p.m., a herd of bawling cows will let you know if you’re even a few minutes late with their supper.

They can easily formulate ideas and find another way to overcome a certain problem. Isn’t it amazing? It is the great proof that cows are not just for food and milk but also a great study on how animals are intelligent!

Psychological theories are explaining these phenomena why some animals (farm animals) are having this kind of intelligence. For all of those who are interested in animals, I recommend to you guys to focus more into farm animals so that many people will eventually benefit.


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