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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


At some part of a perfect relationship, Sex is very important specially when your'e married. We maybe too anxious and conservative but this is how life goes. But what do we really know about it ?

Watch this video of how Sex could Help us live longer. Sex intercourse will never be the same for you after watching this.

This video from AKSYON was posted by a Fan Page on Facebook named "Pinoy Viral Videos". This is about how sex could make us healthier and stronger.According to studies from Scotland, Having Regular Sex with your partner could cure some of your illnesses. It can even take away your stress from a long day of work.

If you would have Sex for 2 to 3 times a week, it could make your heart even stronger to avoid heart attack or heat stroke.If you have allergies, Mating could be the answer for your uncontrollably sneezing. This is more effective if you want to have a sexier body, Cause a 30 minutes of making love could burn 85 calories.But the doctors said that you need  to ease down. too much sex could possibly lead you to another complication.

Posted by Pinoy Viral Videos on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

But what about those people that has no sex life?

A Specialist said that there are patients that has an ""Endometrial Cancer". which the Ladies could get if they don't have a partner to make love with. Those people whom did not Ejaculate more often are the people who are more prone to develop this kind of Cancer. Don't worry If you don't have any partner, Cause our body is releasing the secretions that needed to be disposed and this is called "Wet Dreams."

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  1. jaja nkktwa nmn mga comment.. oo 220 yan.. nkkpg psigla pa wg lng msubrahan.. panghina cgrado.. nyaahh.. nkktnggal ng strees.... wg lng bwal n pg ibig patay tau jn..

  2. yeah thats true and hot relaxing moment


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