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Friday, April 3, 2015


Tornado is one of the scariest disaster that could happen to us.It can violently destroy your house and took many lives in just a blink of an eye.After taking cover when the tornado comes, all that we can do is pray.But what if those words on your prayers really works in front of you seeing by your own eyes? Watch this Viral video of how the tornado disappears miraculously because of the prayers of the people.

This video happens somewhere in the Philippines.This kind of disaster event was very rare because people are just praying for the Tornado to disappear instead of finding a safer place.This natural phenomenon was really scary because you can see that it is going through houses and destroying it.But the people kept their faith in God and trust him with their beliefs.

God really moves in mysterious and most unexpected ways.We all must have faith in him cause he will never let anything bad happen to us.He will protect us even if we can't see him.All we need is to have Faith in him and he will take care of the rest.

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  1. wag nlng magyabangan..respect each others belief..imbes na magsagutan at maging cause ng away..dpat ay tulungan nlng natin ang mga taong naliligaw ng landas..may mga kanya2x tyong relihiyon at paniniwla..but in the end wlang anu mang RELIHIYON ang makakapagligtas sa atin..ang tanging makapagliligtas sa atin ay ang ating PANANAMPALATAYA sa Diyos ama..may kanya2x tyong kagustuhan at pag-iisip at malayang magkomento sa usaping nito..qng sasabhin ng iba edited?so be it..un ang kanyang pananaw wala tyong magagwa jan..but make it sure that u have a proof to depend ur paniniwala.. may God bless us all..and delivered us from evil once again and again.. amen.


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