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Monday, April 6, 2015


There are still mysteries needing to find its justice. Be prepared to watch and witness the viral video of this mysterious and disturbing death of Kendrick Johnson.

Based on some researches, last January 11, 2013, Kendrick Johnson's body was found in a rolled up wrestling mat in the gymnasium of Lowndes High School, Valdosta, Georgia, USA, where he was a student. A preliminary investigation and autopsy concluded that the death was accidental. Johnson's family had a private pathologist conduct another autopsy which concluded that Johnson died from blunt force trauma. On October 31, 2013, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia announced that the office would open a formal review into Johnson's death. Johnson's family is dissatisfied with the pace of this review, as well.

It is very scary to know that Johnson was found headfirst in the center of a rolled up wrestling mat, in his high school gym, on January 11, 2013. The body was discovered by students who had climbed up to the top of a cluster of mats, each of which stood nearly six feet tall and three feet wide. An autopsy by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) stated that Johnson had died from positional asphyxia, and the case was ruled an accidental death by the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office.

It is also mentioned that the independent autopsy found, among other things, that Johnson's body was stuffed with newspapers. The funeral home, which processed the body after it was turned over to them following the GBI autopsy, stated that they never received Johnson's organs from the coroner. Johnson's internal organs were said to have been "destroyed through natural process" and "discarded by the prosecutor before the body was sent back to Valdosta" according to the funeral home owner. That left a void, which the funeral home filled. The funeral home owner stated that it is standard practice to fill a void in this fashion, and that cotton or sawdust may also be employed for this purpose. Johnson's family filed a complaint, with a regulatory body, against the funeral home operator.

In their legal actions, the family of Kendrick Johnson filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Lowndes County Board of Education, its superintendent and the high school principal. The suit alleges that Johnson "was violently assaulted, severely injured, suffered great physical pain and mental anguish, and subjected to insult and loss of life" on January 10, 2013. While the lawsuit does not name the person or persons allegedly involved in the January 10th event, nor identify the race of alleged perpetrators, it implies a race-based dimension to the hypothetical assault. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants were negligent, and violated Johnson's constitutional right to equal protection based on race. It alleges that the defendants ignored reports that, previously, Johnson was repeatedly attacked and harassed by a white student. Kendrick was allegedly attacked on a bus trip earlier in the year as well as on another occasion by this student. According to the lawsuit, the other student "had a history of provoking and attacking" Johnson at school. Johnson was "victimized" again "in the presence of the coaching staff and employees" of the school again after his mother complained about the attacks, the suit said.

What have you guys felt after watching the video and reading the full story? 
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