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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Traveling around the world is everybody’s dream and I do think that this guy has done the most-grandiose selfie compilation ever in his travel on earth!

This Guy Spends 3 Years Around The World To Make The Most Epic Selfie Ever.-----------------Love to Travel? Checkout more travel video here...www.salhazain.com
Posted by Salha Zain on Tuesday, 13 May 2014

But who’s this man behind this? Let’s know more about him by reading this article.

According to Modern Moto Diaries, Alex Chacón is a Social Media Influencer, YouTube Talent, Video Producer, Professional Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Global Motorcycle Adventure Rider and International Traveler/Blogger.

 Alex, a medical student, sold all his belongings after graduation and rode his 650cc Kawasaki motorcycle around the world for 3 years on various epic charitable expeditions including a 500 day solo ride from Alaska to Argentina. He continually captures and publishes his unique charitable adventures that are life changing and creates authentic viral video concepts/creations on YouTube and Social Media that have captured a massive following in the Millions.

 Chacón represents and appeals to his Millennial generation as the most popular motorcycle adventure rider on the planet and is known as guy who took the "Most Epic Selfie of All Time" according to CBS News/Fox/CNN and Time magazine. 

 He has inspired millions and has created trends that have shaped an entire generation, like the 360 Degree Selfie he created and popularized in his viral YouTube hit "Around the World in 360 Degrees- 3 Year Epic Selfie" the 3rd most searched Selfie of all time according to Google Zeitgeist. His use of drones in his viral video Selfie + Drone = Dronie , along with his film "The Modern Motorcycle Diaries" totaling over 18 Million views.

He's an inspirational speaker that headlines professional conferences, expos, film festivals, and major/private corporate events to talk about his challenging and charitable expeditions riding around the world and his life changing journey he experienced and his rise to internet fame.

Who wants to live a life like him? Will you dare to exceed what he has done? Comment your name below!

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