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Saturday, April 4, 2015


Scientific discoveries continue to amaze the world. Their researches in different branches of Science are one reason why the world’s advancement is rapidly happening. Now, what do you think will happen if lava and ice collide? Watch the viral video of this strange science experiment.

As been stated in Weather Science News, “What do you get when you pour lava on ice? That's the question that researchers at Syracuse University wanted to answer. The result: A bubbly work of kinetic art.”

This viral video is from the show entitled: "Outrageous Acts of Science" features the strange experiment.  The said video shows the 2,000 degree lava oozing on top of the ice, without burning a hole through it or exploding. Instead, the ice instantly turns to steam when the lava is poured on it. The process creates beautiful bubbles reminiscent of glass blowing.

It is also mentioned in the video by the Nuclear and Material Chemists that the steam has to escape so it bubbles through the lava. It is also called as “Scrambled Eggs From Hell.”

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