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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Who is this girl behind the viral photo making rounds on the internet these past months? What is her real story? Fortunately, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho finds her! Hope this will end all wrong speculations about her.

 Her photo is being used in different ‘memes’ that are in real essence, is a grave form of cyber-bullying. According in some research, the said girl is named Mariel Villegas. She is awarded as “Salutatorian” in her High School days and is currently taking-up Bachelor in Secondary Education 
Major in English (BSED-English), yes you heard it right! She’s an English Major. (Amazing isn’t it?)
But the sad thing here, her experienced cyber-bullying has gone much worst. There is a certain article saying that she has already passed away last two years. How sad because her mother became very sad after knowing that her daughter’s photo is making rounds on the internet getting bullied just because of her ‘looks and appearance.’
Source: GMA ReWind,KMJS

Right now she’s appealing to all the people who are making fun of her to stop it already because this has definitely made a negative impact on her life. (To those people, just get a life already. What will you do if this happen to you?)

Lastly, the report said that she is pregnant with her first baby. May God bless her always and especially those people who still continue to do this kind of thing to other people, just to have fun of them.

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