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Monday, April 20, 2015

WATCH: iPhone 6 Vs Samsung S6 Edge drop test!!!

Recently EverythingApplePro just did a drop test comparison of the 2 leading Smartphones in the market which of course are the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Apple iPhone 6. They started by proving that both the gadgets are legit and in mint condition.

Once the introduction was done they started dropping the phones on its side beginning with the waist high drop which seems to have done nothing on the phones except give it a few scratch. Then followed the head high drop which only did a few scratches and some minor dents on the side of the phones. Then the 10Ft. drop came were it broke the iPhone 6’s sapphire lens rear camera while did nothing to the S6 Edge.

After the “side” drops, the “face/screen” drop was also done to see how durable the glasses on the phones are. First came the waist high drop where the Samsung survived without any notable damage while the iPhone 6’s screen shattered. Then the head high drop was done only to result to more damage on the iPhone while still doing nothing to the S6, though both phone is still in full function. The last drop test was at 10Ft. high which resulted to more damage to the iPhone 6’s glass and finally a notable “crack” on the S6’s glass although both phone still is working properly.

Watch the video up to the end to see the last surprise test of which really won the “crash” test!

Would you do this to your phone to know how durable it is? 
Let us know on the comments section below!

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