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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WATCH: Girl K.O.’s man with one hit!!

Times this days have called for extreme measures of protection for oneself. People even started learning self-defense in order to protect themselves. Some people turn to less-than lethal weapons like Tasers, pepper sprays and stun guns.

But what you can do best to protect yourself is being aware of your surroundings and do not attract attention. But what if you really can’t do that for you’re a really good looking person or you just can’t help staring at other people. I suggest you learn some additional skills.

Watch the video below how a girl helped a woman being harassed by a guy in a public place. The guy tried to hurt them both when suddenly she strikes him once then he goes down for the count and can’t even stand up. The girl turned out to be a taekwondo champion and has won multiple competitions.
Let us know what self-defense method you use on a daily basis! 
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