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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Fishing is one of the largest livelihoods in countries surrounded by vast bodies of water. Have you experience seeing how fishing is done before? What are your thoughts during that time? Now, watch this video of how this gigantic squid is caught by this very cool fisherman. Let us know if your thoughts before and after you have watched this video are just the same. (I bet it’s not.)

This viral video was posted on Facebook by Hunter & Fishing Page in less than a week but this video is already one of the trending videos for people who love seafood and fishing very much!

But what is this kind of squid? It is mentioned in the video that this squids are humboldt squid one of the fastest growing things on the planet. All of the squid caught are less than 18 months old. All of them are sustainably harvested by hook and line not big nets where they shovel the by catch they don't want overboard.

Posted by Hunter & fishing on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There are different reactions of netizens regarding how these squids are being killed. Some say that it is a very controversial way of killing these animals. But we must not forget that every meat that goes into our table are product of these fishermen and farmers. Before we have to eat them, they are undergoing a certain process of preparation. So if we are just commenting on how these brave fishermen are very inhumane just because of how it is being prepared, well we must also ready ourselves to not eat Takoyaki and all the kinds of meat in this world.

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