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Monday, April 27, 2015

WATCH: Ferrari 458 Italia lost to a Bicycle!

With all the traffic and pollution today, choosing between bringing your own car or to commuting is a daily task you have to deal with to go to work. Well, there have been one type of transportation that have been used even before cars existed. The bicycle. Bringing your bikes to work not only lessens the pollution, but makes you healthier and richer for it saves you time and money especially when your office is just a few blocks away.

Government and other organizations are now doing everything they can to reduce the traffic in every street in the world. Some developing countries even promote public bike sharing to lessen the traffic volume and time that the commuters consume during commute. Bicycles are a good way to promote healthy living, now watch the video below to see how cool riding a bicycle through traffic, and that’s not all.

Did you know that a bike can defeat a supercar with all this traffic today? So what would you choose? A bike that makes you healthy and save you money or the car that so expensive to buy and has expensive maintenance and fuel cost that also make you fat for sitting long periods of time.

Leave a comment below on what other benefit 
you get when commuting with a bike!

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