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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WATCH: Epic Dragon Ball Z Live Action!!

Fan Made Dragon Ball Z live action!I know a lot of us grew up fantasizing about our life heroes in the form of those comic heroes and anime characters we see on TV. As a kid we grew up wanting to become them even mimicking their lines and moves during play time.

One of the most epic anime that we came to love is the never ending Dragon Ball Z, Goku has been the strongest being on the whole universe and even the afterlife for us fans. But he actually died due to an ailment that didn’t have a cure and this was before the androids made their appearance on the anime. Until the future trunks actually came back to the past to save us all.

Well, what do you think it would look like if the anime became real? Well, a group of people who really are great fans of anime especially Dragon Ball Z made a fan made Live Action of Dragon Ball Z that they say took 2 years. The video actually had 10 million views on YouTube in the 1st 10 days! Though the video only had 1 episode yet, the group is seeking help to continue the project.

Watch this EPIC fan made, take note! Fan Made Dragon Ball Z live action! If there’s any fan/s of the series out there, help in any way you can so we can see the whole story unfold! Tell us what you think about this live action and how you can help their team at http://www.robotunderdog.com/donate/ on the comments section below!

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