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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This mother is definitely amazing! She’s hitting two birds at a stone here. Dancing and washing clothes is indeed a new way to relieve stress!

There is a certain study on the connection between doing household chores and women stress levels. See the said study below to further understand the explanation behind this video.

As been written by Mandy Oaklander, “In a Swedish study published in PLoS ONE, researchers surveyed more than 300 couples with children about how housework is divided, how equal each partner perceives their relationship to be, and their psychological states.

Per usual, women were more stressed than men. Even less surprising, they were also responsible for more housework. But here’s what is interesting: That didn’t seem to bother the women—unless they perceived their relationship as gender-unequal.

Posted by Shirley Salvador on Friday, February 27, 2015
When women perceived an imbalance in their coupledom—and they had a higher share of housework—their stress levels rose. And we’re not talking about just a few women: About 67% of women perceived their relationships as “not gender-equal,” and 70% of women said they did more than half of the housework. (Only about 56% of men perceived inequalities in their relationships.)”

Lastly, he said this suggestion:
Stay positive. “Men do more housework when they feel liked and cared about, and less when they don't,” Dr. Coleman says. If you’re ready to start a chore war, wait to talk it out when you’re calm.
This woman is indeed a very positive one! What can you say about her? Comment on the link now!

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