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Friday, April 10, 2015


Are you a Milk Tea lover? The flavours are so oozing that will engage your taste buds in rage for a limit of satisfaction for this summer. But among these lovely and seductive tastes of milk tea, there is a thing you need to know about it. Last Thursday April 9, 2015, there is a report that two people died in drinking Milk tea that they bought in a store near Sampaloc Manila. The victims are a couple, who ordered a refreshing drink (Hokkaido-Flavoured Milk tea) in ErgoCha store. They are namely Suzaine Dagohoy and Arnold Aydalla.

After ordering the said drink, Arnold Noticed that the taste of the tea is unusual and he give it to his girlfriend Suzaine, to taste it. The couple talked to Mr. William Abrigo, the owner of the store about the unusual taste of the milk tea. He even denied the claim of the couple and he even tasted it to prove that there was nothing wrong about it.

Suddenly, after a few minutes, there is something bad happened to the three of them. Dagohoy collapsed as she goes out to the store, her boyfriend Aydalla tries to help her up but he collapsed too. Abrigo the owner also experienced the same, as the two felt.

Source:GMA News and Public Affairs

They were brought to a nearby hospital in Sampaloc by the help of the tricycle Driver named Rey Fernandez. According to him, he noticed that all of them were foaming in mouth.

Initial records on the hospital claimed that Dagohoy declared dead on arrival, followed by Mr.Abrigo just a few hours later. Aydalla is in under medical observation and still in the hospital. The cause of deaths of the victims is still unknown and still waiting for reports.

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