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Sunday, April 19, 2015


How did you guys criticize and analyze mysteries especially when it is about things like ‘cannibalism,’ ‘mummies,’ ‘zombies’ and others? Did you just believe these and made your conclusions out of it or finds empirical data and researches that will prove the claim?

Watch this viral video regarding on the news that BBC revealed the truth behind the so-called North Korean ‘Cannibals!’

But what are the truths and fictions on cannibalism?

Is it primitive starvation barbarism or a necessity for human survival through spiritual belief? Could we in fact call today’s “human donor/transplant” system a form of cannibalism? Our modern day practice is to prolong life just as the natives believed in reincarnation beliefs.

Based on some researches, the “abhorrent” practice was not restricted to the native peoples. In their cultures, the act was mostly performed in relation to spiritual beliefs and the consummation of a victim’s physical attributes. It was also a means of survival from starvation due to food shortages following droughts, disasters and even wars throughout the world. It has even occurred in more recent times by “civilized” peoples.

As been mentioned in the said documentary, many Americans believe that North Koreans eat each other’s babies, but that is, of course, just weirdly typical USA propaganda.

In this BBC film, we see how North Korean families go about their daily lives.

How North Koreans live, what they eat, how they get ready for school and work and they play, sleep and rest.

Spend a pleasant twenty minutes with this typical Pyongyang family and learn more about their culture, their way of life and why they are so fearful of another American invasion, after the last one which flattened their capital to dust ... with 428,000 bombs dropped on the then population of only 400,000 souls.

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  1. That's the reality why we should be thankful that we're not living in North Korea. We're very blessed that we're living in a country with democracy.

    1. But people don't use democracy in a proper way. Just look how terrible our country's pollution corruption and poverty is.

    2. Democracy has its downside. It's not properly followed by the people.

  2. So where's the cannibalism?

  3. i'm not sure if you know, but this is a fake documentary from the North Korean Government.

  4. We dont have a systematic government. That's all.


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