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Monday, April 27, 2015

WATCH: Avengers fan made real life Iron-man laser weapons!!!

700mW palm lasers!A YouTuber named Patrick Priebe just made a real life Iron-man gloves with real deadly lasers for the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron! Though it wasn’t part of the movie, it was conceptualized by Patrick and it is better than the movie because it is real!

He posted a video (same video below) of it on his YouTube channel, where you can watch other cool inventions of his. The gloves even fires aluminum slugs and has great sound effects when the 700mW high-powered laser is fired from his palm. While another less lethal 300mW laser is fired from the knuckles.

The palm laser is activated through the flex of his wrist while the knuckle laser and the other weapon is thru an attached controller. He sells his device on his website where you can also contact him on his YouTube and Facebook accounts! He said that it took him 3 weeks to complete the project and says that it was a pretty short span of time considering the technicality of the device!

Watch his video below and comment what gadgets you might want him to do next! I want him to make a Light Saber!!

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