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Friday, April 10, 2015


Like hen protecting his chicks or a mother dog keeping her puppies secured, humans also behaves this trait. Watch this amazing video of a kid protecting his siblings from forcing to separate them to him.

From over 100 thousand views of this video posted by a YouTube account named Quinn andersen v.2, many netizens says that this video is funny and some says that it is not.

While there’s a YouTuber named Jannick E that starts an argument of joking about kidnapping is not funny. Here what he exactly states: “So joking about kidnapping little kids, is fun to you guys?”

This statement makes other YouTuber to object about the statement. Some replied that this it just was a set up and some also said that they are just teaching the kid how to protect their family.

This kid probably witnessed something not good in his life or probably he witnessed it from his surroundings. Whatever may be the reason, we can say that this video shows a great love of a human being to his love ones.

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  1. Di kaya nila naisip kung ano pwedeng maging epekto nun sa bata -,-,


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