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Thursday, April 16, 2015

VIRAL: “Woman Who Met Her Doppelganger on Social Media!”

What can you feel if you have the same opportunity and chance to meet your “doppelganger” in real life? See this viral article about a woman who met her doppelganger on Social Media!

As been said on a very reliable news site, a young woman has managed to find her doppelganger after launching a campaign on Facebook as a social experiment - and their likeness is very awesome!

It is mentioned that Niamh Geaney who is already 26-year-old TV and a presenter from Dublin, teamed up with two male friends on a project they dubbed Twin Strangers to see who could find their closest lookalike within 28 days.

What is very amazing here is that Niamh found her match in Karen Branigan, 29, a fellow Ireland native who lives just an hour down the road, making it easy for the pair to meet in real life and take some eerily twin-like photos together.

Karen meets Niamh via twinstrangers
Laslty, Niamh said on her first meeting with Karen: “I was ridiculously nervous about how I would react to meeting someone who looks like me.”

'For the entire duration of our encounter I pretty much stared at her. I couldn’t get over her face, and some of the expressions she would pull I would think to myself or say aloud, "Oh my God that’s my face."

'I can’t remember the number of times I said "this is so freaky". It was truly amazing.'

There are lots of mysteries in this world which can’t be really defined by science or anything. Back to the question: “What will you do if your ‘stranger-twin’ happens to live just nearby to your place and you’ve seen him/her face-to-face?”

Source: dailymail

Isn't this project amazing? What would be your reaction if you meet your Doppelganger over the social media? Share your insights with us. 

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