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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


If there are some of you guys who are also broken-hearted at this moment and are also thinking to end your life too, try watching this video and read the whole article below. This might help you a lot.

As been stated by some news report, in the City of Harbin in China, a 20-year old woman tried ending her life by jumping off her apartment's windows. What’s the reason for this? It is the woman’s love quarrel with her better half.

Due to being preoccupied by too much heartache and stress, it is reported that she locked herself alone in her room and refused to talk to her boyfriend who continuously calls her name behind the door. Fortunately, the guy made the right decision by going into the adjacent apartment below her girlfriend's apartment and he was just in the right time to save her in the upcoming ‘disaster’ that may happen.

Lastly and very luckily, the boyfriend was ‘mutant’ enough to catch her woman by her hand. He was then helped by another neighbor to hold his girlfriend. They held onto the woman until the rescuers and the fire fighters came to rescue her. What a very amazing and pleasing sight to see.

If you girls and guys think that by ending your life your problems will definitely be gone too, well better think again and again. Escaping the problem doesn’t end it, it is just making it worst. So if you think that forever doesn’t exist just because you’re badly hurt and planning to do the same thing, better be prepared for a ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ scenario in your own place.

What can you say about this woman? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. So much depression, I'm always depressed over many things, but I'm not suicidal. This is what happens when a stupid person gets depressed, rather than coming up with other ways to get over their depression, they come up with suicide.

    1. Lol you don't know shit about what she went through to get depressed like that, to end her life so badly, it takes a lot of courage to take that first step into the abyss.

      You can just go fuck yourself and your "depressed" pretend like, because from what I can see, you're the only STUPID depressed person here.


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