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Saturday, April 25, 2015

VIRAL: “Taxi driver seeks help to passengers to pray for his wife who’s suffering from aneurysm”

Prayers can move mountains. Nothing is impossible for a man who truly believes. This news about a taxi driver who seeks help to passengers to pray for his wife who is currently suffering from aneurysm is currently one of the viral issues in the social media nowadays. In despite of asking for financial support, he simply begged for prayers for his beloved wife.

It is based on some reliable source that a netizen named Mina Monina shared this heartbreaking story of a man named Lauro Manuel, a taxi driver whose wife recently suffered aneurysm. And also according to Mina Monina, it was obvious that Lauro also suffers physically because of his lack of sleep and anxiety because of what his family is currently facing right now. Sir Lauro is working as a taxi driver in the morning to sustain the needs of his wife and their children and at night, he will be staying at the hospital to look after his wife.

It is also stated that in despite that Manong Lauro has a difficulty in financial aspects, you will see that he's trying his best to be positive in his life by laughing and cracking jokes.

But what made Mina Monina admire Manong Lauro more is when she saw the bond paper at the back of the passenger's seat saying that Manong Lauro asks prayers from his passengers instead of financial help. Let’s all offer even a single minute to lift up this man’s prayer to God so his wife will be healed! May God bless this very loving father and husband!

Hello share ko lang yung storya ni manong driver. Pauwe na kami galing work ni te natz kaninang 12pm. Pumara kami ng...
Posted by Mina Monina on Wednesday, 22 April 2015

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