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Thursday, April 16, 2015

VIRAL: “A Supposed-To-Be-Pregnant Mother Nearly Died After Doctors Found That Her ‘Baby’ is a Different Thing”

It is a mother’s greatest dream to bear a child and build a family of her own. A baby is what can inspire fathers to strive more to support and work for his family. But what will happen to them especially to the mother if the supposed-to-be-baby turns out to be a different thing?

As been mentioned in a certain report, a woman who thought she was pregnant has been left devastated after her 'baby bump' turned out to be a 11lb tumor. Heartbroken Madalina Neagu, 42, thought she was in labour when she arrived at hospital with severe pain in her abdomen.

But, after carrying out emergency tests, doctors from Botosani County Hospital in Romania were stunned to find a large tumour inside her uterus. Dr Dorin Scladan, 47, said: "As the woman told us she was pregnant, we initially expected pregnancy complications.
Image Source: Mirror
"In fact, the size of her belly was quite similar to that of a nine-month pregnant woman, so we didn't have any reason to doubt what she told us."
Laslty, medics carried out complex emergency surgery that lasted several hours to remove the tumour. Ms Neagu was then transferred to intensive care. She is expected to make a full recovery. Dr Scladan added: "We don't often see a tumour of this size and in this location. It was a record tumour for the region in the past 15 years."

Our mothers are one of the awful people of all. They are just dreaming of having and living a normal life but in yet, these kinds of things are happening to them.

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  1. I am really sad for her. On pregnancy time women need to take extra care. She needs to take regular check up and go to doctor that her baby is okay or not? Please everyone don't hide your pregnancy because if you hide it, you will be at risk.


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