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Monday, April 20, 2015


Many of us are dreaming to be in the highest peak of the world and to experience its glory and prestige. But what can you say after knowing that the Mt. Everest which is known as the World’s Tallest Mountain is also a ‘grave’ to almost 200 dead bodies? Would you still pursue this ‘greatest’ dream?
Based on some studies and researches, Mount Everest is the most popular and most recognized mountain in the world. It is located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas with its highest point reaching 8848 meters above sea level. Mount Everest has been a climbing challenge that many climbers have dreamed of completing, reaching the top being the ultimate prize. You always hear of those who do reach the peak but not so much of those who tried and failed. (Be ready to witness other side of the history)

It is stated that the first successful ascent took place on May 29th, 1953 by two men names Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary. Since then many have attempted the climb and have not come down. One man that still remains near the top is David Sharp. David attempted the climb in 2005. He got very close to the top then decided to step into a cave to rest. The cave is known as Green Boots Cave. He lay there too long and ended up freezing to the point where he could not move. 30 other climbers past him by some saying they heard moans. One climber went into the cave and was able to talk to David. The climber took David out into the sun in hopes of thawing him to the point he would be able to move. Once realizing David wouldn’t recover, the climber was forced to leave him behind to die. David’s body still remains in the cave and is used as a guide point to other climbers.

Francys Arseniev, was an American women who fell while descending with a group of climbers (one of which was her husband Sergei). Story goes she pleaded with passerby’s to aid in rescuing her. It wasn’t until a little later while climbing down a steep section of the mountain when her husband noticed she wasn’t behind him. Knowing that he didn’t have enough oxygen to go back for her and return to base camp, he bravely chose to turn back anyways to find his missing wife. He unfortunately didn’t get a chance to save her or even say goodbye. He fell to his own death in his heroic attempt of saving her. However, two other climbers did successfully reach her but attempting to carry her off of Mount Everest would’ve most likely ended with all three of them dying. All they could do was comfort her to the best of their ability for a while before leaving her to die alone. Of course they felt terrible about leaving her so in honor of her bravery, they climbed back up the mountain eight years later vowing to find the body and cover her in an American flag. They were able to complete their mission. After all known details of the horrendous climb became public, it was realized that Francys Arseniev was the first woman from the United States to reach the summit of Mount Everest without the assistance of bottled oxygen.

Even with modern-day technology the number of climbers dying on Mount Everest continues to rise. Many of them died because of “exhaustion,” “accidental fall” and some reasons are still unidentified these days.

Lastly, an estimate of over 200 climbers has died on Everest mainly from avalanches. Most bodies still remain on the mountain frozen in time. Lastly, these dead bodies are used as ‘landmarks’ for today’s attempts of climbing the highest peak of the world. (What a very sad truth.) After reading the article, will you still want to reach the world’s highest mountain?

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