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Thursday, April 2, 2015


A Birth of a child is the most important joy's event that a parent could have.Every Parent wants to have their baby with good health and a strong heart.But some are unfortunate to give birth because of the miscarrying of the baby while they have it on their womb.

Watch this Viral video of a Miracle Baby born with two faces that defies all odds.I'm sure you'll be surprised what will happen next.

Australian couple Renee Young and her partner Simon Howie was waiting to their new born baby. Over all to their expectations they came to know that the baby would be a special one.But they never expect such a twist in birth.Their baby was born with a very rare medical condition that is called "Diprosopus" which means they have two symmetrical faces and two brains connected by one brain stem which is a condition that is hard to survive.But still the couple stands and fight with their baby's life.

This condition is phenomenally rare that only 35 cases have ever been recorded and none has survived.But the doctors at the hospital was shocked because the twin's exeptional progress.The couple named the twin "HOPE" and "FAITH".They have no idea about how long they will be in the Hospital.They're waiting for this Miracle Twins to bring them home happy and healthy to make the family a little bit bigger.

This video of an interview below from Sam Cross News shows that the baby is breathing and alive.

   After 19 miraculous days, the Australian Conjoined twins have died.watch this video below:

Sometimes in life people come and go, they could be our inspiration even if we only spent a little time with them.But we have to face the fact that everyone must leave .To this Miraculous twins, they have touched the hearts of each and everyone of us. and we thank them because they share their inspirational story of how a little heart could fight for her life.

Comment your message for this little angels below. it would mean a lot to their family.

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