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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

VIRAL: Man caught scratching brand new cars!

Man caught scratching cars!Recently, a video caught by a CCTV of a mall in Cebu went viral on Facebook as it shows a car entering its parking lot which then parked beside cars that are new when the driver suddenly goes out and obviously scratches the cars.

This incident sparked an online debate of what this guy is really doing and what his reasons are for doing so. Although the authorities have been informed of the incident and has claimed that they already know the identity of the suspect but didn’t actually revealed it as it may affect their investigations.

The owners of the cars were obviously disappointed of the malls security protocols and the local LTO Official for saying that it’s too sudden to be noticed by guards and that car owners should never park their vehicles anywhere and avoid using them if it isn’t necessary.

Well, you buy a car to use it and not display it. One of the cars even had a passenger inside when it was scratched, the passenger who actually saw what happened said that he was too terrified of what happened and was afraid of the suspect that’s why he didn’t get out until he was gone.

Let us know on the comments section below on what you think should car owners and authorities do to prevent this kinds of crimes!

Random and costly scratches on parked new cars at Robinsons-Lawaan around 3:50PM of April 18, 2015. Maybe you can help identify the suspect thru this video. Deep scratches that cost thousands.... tsk tsk tsk.
Posted by Teddy M Ticar on Monday, April 20, 2015

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