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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For conservative countries like the Philippines, this machine will definitely raise many eyebrows and will start many discussions regarding this. But in the same of science, (and business too) everything is possible.

Based on a certain reliable news source, chinese hospitals are introducing a new machine which can extract sperm for donors. According to China’s Weibo social platform the automatic sperm extractors are being introduced in a Nanjing hospital, capital of Jiangsu province.

It is stated that the pink, grey and white machine has a massage pipe at the front which apparently can be adjusted according to the height of its user. Speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature are also controllable.

What amazing to know is that it has a small screen on the top which plays films for the user to help them with the extraction process! Very amazing (and controversial too)

Lastly, it is also mentioned that the director of the urology department at Zhengzhou Central Hospital said the machine was being used by infertility patients who are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way.

For all the interested donors out there, a website which is selling the machine for $2,800 promoting it stating 'it can give patients very comfortable feeling.’

Who among you guys can try this machine and undergo for a donation? Comment your name below and your thoughts about this!

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  1. I can volunteer and donate. This is very helpful. Specially to those people who are infertile that wants to be happy in life. I can make them happy and have a baby.

  2. kakatawa lang ang mga comments...akala ng iba ay basta basta lang mag donate ng sperm, na tanggap dito tanggap doon lang...akala walang pagdadaanang mga eksaminasyon....push nyo lang mag comment ng mag comment...hehehe

  3. jajaja.. xmpre my mkkta jn kong healthy k o hnd.. pg my sakit cguro hnd pwd.. pra yan sa mga gstong mg ank ng wlng asawa.. jajajaja.. kaso mhal dn..


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