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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Only Children believe that they're capable of everything-Paolo Coelho
Watch this viral video about this baby that is named as the 
Future NBA Pro Basketball Icon!” 
See the whole video and read the article below.

The said video is posted on Facebook by “I am Freestyle,” a verified page of a Musician/Band. 

This totally amazing video has gathered 765K views already! People from different nations were really astounded by this video! See the said comments:”
“He was born with exceptional hand/eye coordination! Amazing.” –Tennille Patterson
“I want you guys to really think about what it takes for this child to make these shots, because it's even more remarkable. The child has to have at least a rudimentary understanding of physics in order to plan the path of the ball and the placement of the rim. Then the child has to have the shoulder strength to be able to actually propel the ball through the air. Finally the child would need to be able to adjust for the size, mass, and form factor of each ball in order to make the baskets with different balls, including a football. This child shouldn't play in the NBA, he should use his genius for something that's actually productive, like math and science” –Chris Green
“This kid has a better idea of where he is going in life than I do at the age of 21.” –Cassandra Marr

This kid has definitely brought astonishment to many people around the world who have watched the said video.

Do you know any people who can challenge this baby in a shooting game? Comment his/her name below!

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