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Thursday, April 2, 2015


The world we are all living is full of mysterious things and happenings. Science has still very long way to go to explain all these mysteries. But luckily, the real story behind the “500 year-old Frozen Girl nicknamed ‘the maiden’ was finally revealed.

According to some scientific experiments and researches regarding this, this Inca girl was only 15 years old and her frozen body was found in 1999 on the Argentinian volcano llullaillaco. This volcano is said to be having a 6739 meter high summit and was being explored at the time when the expedition came across the Inca girl.

They have determined that she was chosen by the Inca people to live with her gods. But in sad reality she was just sacrificed to the gods for their religion. The body of the girl is perfectly preserved and looks as if she died very recently, but in fact the poor girl had died around 5 centuries ago. Scientists were able to determine her diet by examining the proteins in her hair that had been preserved for all those years. It turned out to be that she had a very fattening and full diet for months maybe even years before she was sacrificed.

It is also mentioned that these scientists have discovered that the 500 year old frozen girl had a bacterial infection when she was sacrificed. They say that the illness is similar to tuberculosis and that the discovery was made by swabbing the lips of the girl and comparing the sample with current patients.

What’s good here is that the scientists think that by discovering this bacterium it could help to fight new illnesses or reemerging illnesses too. So even though this poor girl died 500 years ago, her sacrifice could help to cure some diseases that are currently affecting the world’s new generation.

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  1. Its all about God he created the world and he created us, don't you guys try to expand your explanations all purposes in our life was design by our Holy God.


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