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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

VIRAL: Escaped Prisoner Prank!

I know April is about to end but pranking your friends or even strangers is a yearlong trend. It doesn’t stop on April 2, because once one of you starts a prank it’ll definitely become a prank war. A simple prank like surprising your brother when he’s about to come into a room can spark a lifetime of pranks between you two.

A simple scare prank to your best friend can ultimately lead you to a non-stop craze of who’s the better prankster. Well, it’s in the prank! If you prank someone, make sure to prank them good but be careful of who you prank ‘cause it could go so wrong in a single second.

Watch this guy pranks his new neighbors faking that he’s an escaped prisoner seeking for help when he turns all crazy. People had different reactions, some are funny as hell and some even run like hell for their lives! BECAREFUL of who you do this to! Make sure that person doesn’t have any kind of cardiovascular ailments and such.

Let us know other creative and unique ways to prank people on the comments section below! Enjoy the video below and have fun! 

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