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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Conjoined twins are identical twins that is a rare phenomenon which two body are fused together and usually share a heart or liver. But the case of our subject is different, Meet Ganga and Jamuna Mondal , an identical twins in India which both fell in love with only one man at the same time.

The lucky man who caught two birds in one stone is Jasimuddin Ahmad ,According to him, he's doing his best to take care of the twins and letting them feel that his love for the two is equal. He first saw the conjoined sisters in a circus where he works as a lights man. After seeing the pain that they have been experiencing,He already felt the same way which makes him fall in love harder to the twins.

Even though the twins are loving the same man, they felt glad and they even felt very lucky because they know that they have someone to share their pain with,someone who's willing to give everything he has for the two of them without any hesitations.

Love has no boundaries, no age , size or gender discrimination. You'll only experience Love when you are ready to sacrifice anything or everything for the one that you have fell in love with just like them.

What are your thoughts about this everlasting true love? you could write it down below.

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