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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Have you ever tried to joke and it failed? How’s it? What more if you have done it a group? What do you think you’ll feel? See this video of Britain’s Got Talent’s Worst Joke Ever! Can you tell us how this woman felt after the most-epic joke of all time!

This woman said that her talent is joke, and she has enrolled in a school for joke. The crowd obviously did expect on her, but this kind of tragedy happened to her (laughs). Her joke is this: (see and be amazed)

Joker Woman: “Ladies, are you all right?”
Crowd/Ladies: “Yeah.”
Joker Woman: “No, you are all left.”

Massive silence happens after that. The expressions of the judges especially Simon is very priceless.

Share your ideas with us regarding this most-epic failed joke video ever.

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