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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Whenever we are hungry, we try looking in the kitchen to look for food. But did you ever think of eating some kitchen things like the “frying pan?” If you don’t, well, see this big python which swallowed a frying pan for his lunch.

This picture appears to show the moment a python tried to swallow a frying pan.
As been mentioned in some reliable source, the image was posted on Twitter earlier this morning with no information other than the nature of the python's choice of cuisine. Questions have been raised as to whether the dozy reptile, surrounded by puzzled onlookers, is real or a sculpture, after 
Reddit users suggested it was made by a Thai artist.

If it is real, vets will have a tricky job on their hands. Pythons can consume huge animals by dislocating their jaw, and eat their prey whole - but struggle to eject foodstuffs that they cannot digest, such as a metal pan. Several people posted amusing puns on the social networking site ranging from 'wok of shame' to 'wok the hell' and 'I guess someone wanted to take their python for a wok'.
But can snakes really take much bigger, wider animals of prey or even things into their mouth and swallow them?

Based on the answer of a long-time zookeeper, the answer here is yes. Snakes can swallow prey much larger than their own heads, but even the largest snakes in the world cannot swallow something as large as cattle. Obviously the size of prey they can take depends on the size of the snake - there are nearly 3000 species of snake, ranging in size from about the size of a pencil to as long as a bus and weighing 550lb. The largest snakes are constrictors such as the green anaconda, reticulated python, Indian python and African rock python.

The largest prey they can take is something the size of a small deer or gazelle. Snakes are able to swallow large prey like this because the bones of the skull are only loosely attached to one another. The lower jaw is connected to the upper by an elastic ligament, allowing the mouth to open very wide, and the bottom jaw is not joined at the chin, meaning that the mouth can spread wide open sideways as well. The skin and muscles of the throat and stomach are also very stretchy. The snake is able to breathe during swallowing, with its throat full of its prey, because it can project its glottis out of its mouth.

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