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Monday, April 27, 2015

VIRAL: Baby-faced ghost Photobomber!!!

Couples favorite wedding photo!Recently, a couple in the U.S. that was recently married was shocked after seeing something unsettling in some of their wedding photos. Couple’s Kevin Matthew Dennis and his wife Christiana spotted something that would really give you goosebumps even if you’re not in the photos itself.

Christiana uploaded their best wedding photo and made it her Facebook cover photo without noticing something wrong until some of their friends pointed out that there was another “thing” with them in the photo. If you look closely between the couple, you can spot a baby face looking straight to the camera as if it really intended to be there.

The couple then looked at every one of their photos to see if it will reappear, and surely enough they found some strange things on the other photos. Some even speculates that it was the couple’s unborn child and some even say’s that it’s just a pink cardigan that flew in the wind.

Can you spot the ghostly figure?

Let us know what you think it is on the comments section below!

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