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Friday, April 10, 2015


There are really some kids that are born with extra-ordinary talents and skills. Watch this viral video of a very amazing kid who is already operating a tractor like a professional! See and be amazed!

As been stated in the report by DailyMail, “Wang Shuhan” drives excavator at a building site in Wuhan, Hubei Province. He regularly brings his son to work with him and gradually the youngster grew interested in the machine he operated.

The father said: 'I sometimes explained to him the functions of the gears within the compartment, and when he was three he asked me to have a try. Amazingly he did it.'

Lastly, Xuebing said his son now see the excavator as a big toy and often pleads to drive it that’s why he took a video of his son’s amazing skill!

If our child is already curious of doing things that could improve themselves, never hesitate to teach and mentor them. But remember that do not push them to do hard work especially when they are too young. Balance everything and let your child grow productive.

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