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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Finding your one true love is definitely a hard thing because he/she will accept you for who you are. Watch this viral video of 8 disgusting things only long-term couples do and answer this question: “What is the grossest thing you and your partner do?”

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Posted by Elite Readers on Friday, 6 March 2015

First: When your better half has morning breath, you don’t really mind anymore.

Second: Sharing Food is taken to a whole new level.

Third: When you gotta pass gas, (which means “fart”) you just let it pass and sometimes it even becomes a competition!

Fourth: You don’t bother to close the bathroom door anymore.

Fifth: You pop each other’s zits.

Sixth: You openly discuss your bowel movements.

Seventh: You wax each other.

Eight: When you gotta pee, you just go.

And through it all, no matter how disgusting they are, they’re always going to be your precious sweetheart.

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  1. relate all of that we did it with my husband not sometimes always

  2. So true... Me and my partner does that...

  3. so true,,,for 31 years we're still so inlove,,,and we're still doing digusting things hihi!


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