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Saturday, April 25, 2015


When mothers are pregnant are bearing their child, they must still do physical exercises to remain healthy. But after seeing this article of 7th month pregnant mom who monstrously lifting 100kgs of weights, will you still consider this exercise healthy for her and the baby?

As been said on some relevant researches, moms on their 7th month of pregnancy should keep themselves active physically for a number of reasons: To improve your muscle tone, strength and endurance so it will be easier for you to adapt to the changes of your body, to make it easier for you to carry the extra weight you gain, to prepare you for the physically challenging labor and birth, to give you energy, improve your mood, help you sleep better, and other things so it will be effortless for you to lose weight and get back to your sexy shape after birth.

But it is also stated that working out during pregnancy, particularly a few months before your scheduled delivery, it is advisable to take everything lightly. A few heart-pumping moves will do – such as walking, swimming, pilates, etc. – but not to the point that it includes risking of hitting your bump or falling. (Be very careful with that ‘coz one mistake can lead to disaster)
source mirror.co.uk
Now, and it is being viral on social media, many people are concerned about Katja, a 7-month pregnant woman, who regularly goes to the gym and works out for over 12 hours each week lifting up to 100kg of weights.

The 39-year-old fitness fanatic claims her fitness routine is not harmful to her unborn child.
See her statements on her interview below:

“I’ve read a lot about strength training and being pregnant. People say go with what feels good. If it doesn’t feel good then change it, modify it, stop it.” She added, “If it feels fine, then continue.”

source mirror.co.uk
A said OB-GYNE and expert didn’t recommend Katja that she should continue to do what she’s doing. She explained, “Moderate exercise is recommended for all women in pregnancy but women need to know when to stop. They need to know when to take care of themselves, to stop themselves getting dehydrated which might lead to an increased risk of deep-vein thrombosis.”

“And the risk of doing things like fainting during exercise where they might damage themselves and indeed their baby if they were to fall on the abdomen or drop weights on the abdomen,” the doctor added.

Lastly, there is no problem if we are a fitness fanatic because it is a good thing, (if we aren’t pregnant) but we must always consider that things have its positive and negative side. We must learn to weigh things, especially when we are the edge of heaven and hell.

What are your ideas about this ‘fitness-fanatic mom?’ 
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