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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Some people believes in Reincarnation , It is an idea that says how people are born again with different body after death.They said that you were gifted if you are reincarnated because only those who didn't have sins on their past lives are blessed of this kind of disambiguation or fresh embodiment. But what if you were reincarnated because you need to solve your own mystery from your past?

Watch this video from Strange Mysteries of a child and ho he identifies his own murderer on his past life after being reincarnated.

In a region near the border of Syria known as Golan Heights, a boy says he remembered being murdered.At first, No one believed him until he lead the villagers in the spot where he remembers being buried.There was a man who witnessed all of this events, his name is Dr.Eli Lasch, He was a known in Gaza for developing Government Medical System. The villagers dug up this spot where the boy said his former corpse remains.The villagers was shocked because after digging on the spot, they've found a skeleton that has a large Axe mark corresponds to the boys birthmark on the boy's head.

The boy said that he was murdered with an axe and then lead the villagers on the spot where the murderer buried the weapon.After a while, they dug up an axe that was used to kill him.Then the boy leads the elders from his previous village and told them of his previous name.When people of the boy's former home village were asked about a man going by this name, They said the man had disappeared for about 4 years ago and never returned.But the strangest of all of this event is when they confronted his murderer. The murderer started to turn to pale white and acted weird that he almost freaked out.

After the boy leads the villagers to his corpse and the buried weapon, the killer gave in and admitted the crime to which he end up being charged with.

Is the boy a product of Reincarnation? are we all a reincarnation of our past lives?

What are your thoughts about this? please share yours below

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  1. Deana Raymond;

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    Story short; Doctor casted the peaceful love spell on me, my husband and his family to reunite us within 7days. He said that the spell will serve as a protection to us and we will live as a happy family for the first time. Well; I was afraid because I don’t know what will be the outcome but I kept my hope and faith strong and also prayed hard for this. His spell finally worked at the date he prophesied. My husband and his family including his Mom located me, kneeling and confessing for the evil done to us and the family even when we missed our baby. I cried and accepted their apology; I knew that there didn’t do it on purpose. We are all happy as a family today and we all called and thank Dr. Wakina for the total freedom he gave to us. I regretted why I wasted time contacting local spiritual doctors when my Husband left. Thank you Dr. Wakina for making me to testify like others and I will keep spreading this great news for ages. Here is Dr. Wakina’s Email: dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com

  2. I believe In Reincarnation, Minsan Nakikita sa Dream Yung Mangyayari.. And.. Siguro Pag nangyari na.. sinasabi natin na.. ay Napaniginipan ko to.. na nangyari sakin.. Sometimes nangyayari toh Sakin.. And sa Tingin ko.. Sa lahat naman nanhyayari toh eh


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